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Henning Pertiet must have inhaled music right from the cradle: he’s a nephew of Gottfried Böttger – the pianist with constant recurring appearances in the Bremen talk show '3nach9' for 40 years ever since 1974.


But also in the Pertiet family home music of whatever kind was a constant companion: either professionally or just for fun. And that’s what’s driving Henning Pertiet to this day – even when music hasn’t been just a hobby for the past 28 years, but earning his living.  


He organised different concert series and initiated various festivals with illustrious artists like Janice Harrington, Vince Weber, Abi Wallenstein, Louisiana Red or BB & The Blues Shacks.  


Pertiet also has a personal friendship with to the world’s renowned boogie woogie specialist Axel Zwingenberger and they get together for concerts together. 


Especially four years as steady pianist of famous Austrian Mojo Blues Band formed Henning Pertiet into the well-known, matured and stylistically grounded pianist who successfully managed not to mistake authentic music for slavish imitation– he developed his own musical footprint.


In 1998 a composition of Henning Pertiet, co-created with saxophonist Red Holloway, made it into the charts: in South Carolina "Take A Train, Train" stuck in the Top 10 for more than 33 weeks.



"A pianist playing Boogie and Blues all by himself? If that man is Henning Pertiet, then there is no chance of getting bored. He’s putting even the Modern Jazz of Theolonius Monk to a test of Blues compatibility [...] It’s definitely in the realm of being eligible for a cultural support programme [...]

from Wasser Prawda (Online music magazine) 1/2012



Tomas Ritter (Stumble) says: "There is hardly anyone in Germany, even Europe, who knows how to put his own spin on the boogie and blues piano like the Hamburg native.”


What more could be said!?